Paul-Jean Martel


"His work is out of the ordinary. What I mean by that is,  I believe it's very personal and it's extremely honest. It is sincerely from his heart and thoughts."

Daniel W. Pinkham-Artist/ Teacher

Les Fauves Brabancons at the Felix De Boeck Museum- Drogenbos, Belgium-June 19th-October 2nd  2016  

                         Felix Art Museum                                                           

                                  Article on Fauvist Art Show

Selected Exhibitions and Articles

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  1. Society of Arts, Brussels-1920
  2. Brussels-Gallerie Artis, Exposition d’ Etudes de Paul Jean Martel et Henri Ottayaere- March 5-22-1919
  3. Exhibition in Salon Triennal-Antwerp-with Henri Matisse, Bonnard, & Oleffe-1920 – Verhaegan and Heintz in 1921
  4. Purchase of work “Chrysanthemums” by Ministere des Sciences et des Arts (Belgian Government), Administration des Beaux Artes, Brussels.-1920
  5. Ville de Gand-42nd Exposition-Moulin De Siska-1922
  6. Ghent, Salle des Fetes Parc de la Citadelle, XLI Exposition-1922
  7. Article in permanent Collection in Woodside House-Oxford, England (14th Annual Exhibition)-1925
  8. Sesqui-Centenial International Exposition-Philadelphia-1926
  9. Aeolien Salle in Brussels, on Rue Royale-Excellent article on Paul’s work by

      Edouard Fontayne-1926

  1. Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts-24th Annual Watercolor Exhibition-1926
  2. Dooner Gallery-Philadelphia-1930
  3. International Watercolor Exhibition-at the- Art Institute of Chicago-1930
  4. Warwick Gallery-Philadelphia-1930
  5. Devit Welsh Gallery-Philadelphia-1932
  6. Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts-33rd Annual watercolor Exhibition-1935
  7. Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts-42nd Annual watercolor Exhibition
  8. Comments on Paul’s exhibition at the Robert Rice Gallery in the “Houston Chronicle”-1976
  9. Robert Rice Gallery-Houston texas-1977
  10. McAllen International Museum- McAllen Texas-1977
  11. Philadelphia Sketch Club-Philadelphia-1977
  12. Brazosport Center of the Arts-Lake Jackson-Texas-1977
  13. Columbus Museum of Arts-Columbus Georgia-1978
  14. Inventory of American Paintings-Martha Andrews ( coordinator of Inventory)-“The Prendergast Ladies” Smithsonian Museum -1982
  15. Montgomery Gallery-San Francisco-1985-2004
  16. Newman Galleries-Philadelphia-1985
  17. Woodmere Museum-Germantown PA.-1986
  18. Palos Verdes Art Center exhibition- 1986
  19. Montgomery Gallery Exhibition San Francisco 1992
  20. Maastricht European Art Fair- 1999-also, article in London Times

  30. Musee d’Ixelles- Brussels-"Les Peintres De La Foret De Soignes"-2009

  31. Philadelphia Sketch Club- Group show-2009

  32. Palos Verdes Art Center- Los Angeles Ca- January -February 2015

Palos Verdes Art Center Exhibition 2015

Philadelphia studio Baker Building  with model circa 1940

Philadelphia studio Baker Building  with model circa 1940